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Veda Medical offers not only exceptional esthetic and plastic surgery care, but we are also a fully functional medical facility. We provide medical care that ranges from simple to intricate and complicated. We also specialize in wound care for optimal recovery and limited downtime and scarring.

Veda Hand

Veda Medical is a fully updated, equipped, and functioning medical care facility.

Veda Aesthetics

Veda Medical offers esthetic services ranging from plastic surgery to non-surgical procedures.

Veda Wound Care

We specialize in exceptional wound care so you can expect to have minimal downtime and scarring.

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Start your Plastic Surgery journey with Dr. Mohan

Dr. Mohan is known for his individualized and comprehensive treatment plans and his dedication to perfection that results in total patent satisfaction.

  • Make An Appointment

    Making an appointment is as easy as calling our office and speaking to a member of our trusted staff. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with available times on Saturdays. We understand and respect your time and we are here to accommodate our patient's scheduling needs. Reach out today to begin your journey!

  • Meet With Our Doctor

    At Veda Medical you have the option to meet with anyone of your highly skilled practitioners. You not only can meet with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mohan but you can also meet with Nurse Practitioner Andrew Vidal or one of our qualified medical assistants. If you are unsure of who to see upon your initial visit, make sure to give one of your friendly support staff members a call who can assist you in that process!

  • General Body Check

    Sometimes a patient does not have a goal or plan in mind but might be feeling run down or less than the best version of themselves. You might even be experiencing aches and pains that you cannot explain. No matter what the concern is Veda Medical can help get to the bottom of what might be bothering you. At Veda Medical we offer a general body check that can help aid in your overall health and well-being.

  • Get A New Version Of You

    Whatever goals and desires you have for your health and body you can trust you can achieve those results with Veda Medical. We are here to help you safely and effectively with your medical concerns and will have you feeling like your optimal self in no time.

Dr. Mohan is fantastic. He has operated on my hand and elbow on 3 different occasions. He is VERY caring, compassionate and professional. After completing the surgeries, he made sure I had great occupational therapy. Not only is he kind to the patient, but he also reaches out to the family; that really meant a lot to my husband. His nurse practitioners, Andrew & Diane are fantastic also.

Mary-Catherine Gomez
Mary-Catherine Gomez

The best office ive ever been to. Very nice and clean. The employees are amazing and very helpful. Not to mention how professional Dr. Mohan is. He loves his work makes us feel safe and we are in best hands. Ever hospital or clinic we go to everyone recommends him. He is amazing and very simple. He isn't a show off and treats everyone the same he treats everyone the same and doesn't care about his title. He is a great doctor and very happy that we found him.

Casey Doyle
Casey Doyle

I went into the hospital in May 2022 with three wounds on my left foot. They were severe enough for two doctors to suggest a below-the-knee amputation. God put me in Dr Mohan’s path through a referral from my nephrologist, Dr. Jeet Ghandi. Dr. Mohan performed a few surgical procedures and grafts over a few months. I am nearly completely healed and my leg was saved. I was extremely fortunate and immensely grateful for Dr. Mohan. I highly recommend him for any procedure you might need.

John Harris
John Harris