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Expert Hand Surgery: Restoring Functionality and Quality of Life with Precision and Care

Veda Medical was established in 2006 by Dr. Pradeep S. Mohan and has since grown to add Andrew Vidal APRN, MSN, FNP-C, WOC-RN, Yolanda Sodair, M.A., and our team of competent support staff members. We not only provide esthetics and cosmetic surgery care but we are also a fully equipped and functioning medical care facility. Veda Medical only employs the latest and most state-of-the-art technologies that have been proven to be the safest medical methods to achieve desired results. We provide a clean and safe environment to assess accidents and injuries. With over 30 years of combined wound care experience, you will receive only the most skilled medical care. We believe everyone deserves the highest quality care regardless of price. It is a priority that we make it financially feasible for all patients to afford the care they need or desire.

Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Trained in Hand, Wrist, and Microsurgery. Dr. Pradeep S. Mohan is a highly skilled Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. After completing his General Surgery Residency at Seton Hall University, he went to Yale University and Southern Illinois University to complete fellowships in Hand and Microsurgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has received extensive training in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical Rejuvenation. Dr. Mohan takes pride in his work and his patients love him for his transparency, excellent bedside manner, and ease of explanation of the procedures. He believes in having educated and informed patients.

Hand and Microsurgery Services

Being that Dr. Mohan is highly skilled and trained in hand and microsurgery we have a lot of options for patients that are needing these types of surgeries. The hand and wrist can be one of the most complex body parts to injure and need surgical intervention on. The wrist is comprised of eight tiny bones and various tendons and ligaments and it takes a highly skilled practitioner to perform these surgeries successfully. Here at Veda Medical, you will receive only the most excellent care from Dr. Mohan and we will help you feel better quickly and comfortably so you can return to your normal lifestyle. Below are the hand and microsurgery services we offer along with other medical services we provide. 

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Expert Hand Surgery

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, few areas demand the precision and expertise found in hand surgery. Whether dealing with traumatic injuries, degenerative conditions, or congenital abnormalities, the hands play a pivotal role in our daily lives, making their proper function essential for overall well-being. At Veda Medical, we understand the critical importance of hand health, offering specialized hand surgery services delivered by skilled professionals. With a focus on serving communities in Corpus Christi, Live Oak, and San Antonio, TX, our dedicated hand surgeons stand ready to provide compassionate care and comprehensive solutions for all hand-related concerns.

Understanding Hand Surgery

Hand surgery encompasses a broad spectrum of procedures aimed at diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating conditions affecting the hands, wrists, and upper extremities. From fractures and tendon injuries to nerve compression syndromes and arthritis, hand surgeons are trained to address a wide range of issues with precision and expertise. Whether restoring function after injury or correcting deformities, hand surgery plays a vital role in enhancing patients’ quality of life and restoring their independence.

The Role of Hand Surgeons

At Veda Medical, our team of hand surgeons are highly trained specialists with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hand-related conditions. Combining surgical expertise with a deep understanding of hand anatomy and function, our surgeons employ advanced techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for our patients. From minimally invasive procedures to complex reconstructions, our goal is to restore both form and function, enabling patients to regain confidence in their hands’ abilities.
The Role of Hand Surgeons

Comprehensive Hand Injury Treatment​

State-of-the-Art Hand Surgery

Hand injuries can be debilitating, impacting not only physical function but also emotional well-being and quality of life. At Veda Medical, we recognise the unique challenges posed by hand injuries and offer comprehensive treatment options to address them. Whether dealing with lacerations, fractures, or soft tissue injuries, our hand injury specialists employ a multidisciplinary approach to ensure optimal healing and recovery. From initial evaluation and diagnosis to surgical intervention and rehabilitation, we provide personalised care tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

State-of-the-Art Hand Surgery Facility

Central to our commitment to excellence in hand surgery is our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technologies and amenities to support superior patient care. Our surgical suites are designed to maximise efficiency and safety, while our dedicated staff ensure a comfortable and supportive environment for patients and their families. From preoperative consultations to postoperative follow-up care, we strive to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience for every patient.


Broken Hand or Finger

Here at Veda Medical, we can assist you with any type of break that occurs to your hand or your finger. If you are unsure if you have broken a finger or hand make sure to give us a call so we can help determine the best course of action!

Carpometacarpal Boss

A carpal boss is also known as a bossing. It is a bony overgrowth or lump on the back of the wrist at the base of the index (pointer finger) or long (middle finger) metacarpal bones where they join the carpal bones.

Cold Hands

Having cold hands at all times usually occur due to decreased blood flow to the hands. Our bodies keep our hands warm primarily by regulating the blood flow that travels from the heart, down the arm, all the way to our fingertips. More blood in the hands means pink, warmer hands; less blood flow means colder and sometimes painful hands.

Congenital Hand Differences

The term congenital hand difference refers to any condition of the hand and arm that is present at birth. Children can be born with many types of hand differences, and they vary greatly in how they impact the appearance and function of the hand.


While a fracture is a break in the bone, a sprain is a ligament that's been torn or stretched. These can be common injuries but when it comes to that hand, with the number of tiny bones and ligaments it is best to get an expert opinion on your injury. Dr. Mohan can help asses any suspected fracture or sprain and give you the best possible treatment plan for that particular injury. 

Golf Injuries to the Hand and Wrist

Sport-related injuries are very common to the wrist and hand, especially in sports such as Golf. 

Hand Infections

Hand infections happen when there is an injury to the skin of the hand, fingers, cuticle, or nail folds. Common causes include manicures, ingrown nails, bites, or puncture wounds. Infections may appear in the fold of your nail, at the tip of your finger, or anywhere on your hand. Although a hand infection can be uncomfortable and painful to the patient the good news is they are typically easy to treat when medical attention is sought quickly. 

Hand Tumors

Any lump or bump in your hand is a tumor regardless of what causes it. Hand tumors can occur on the skin, like a mole or a wart, or can occur underneath the skin in the soft tissue or even the bone.

Power Tool Injuries

Power saw injuries can be extremely common and can include tools such as a wet saw or even a lawn mower. When these occur it is imperative to seek immediate attention especially if a part of the hand or finger has been removed. 


Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren contracture is a painless condition that causes one or more fingers to bend toward the palm. The affected fingers can't straighten completely. Knots of tissue form under the skin. They eventually create a thick cord that can pull the fingers into a bent position.

Extensor Tendon Injuries/Flexor Tendon Injuries

Flexor/extensor tendon injuries typically occur from a cut on the palm side of your fingers, hand, wrist, or forearm. 

Fingertip Injury

Fingertip injuries can include cuts, scrapes, breaks, fractures, or fingertip loss. 

Jammed Finger

A jammed finger can occur while playing a sport or by a small accident. A jammed finger can cause bruising and inflammation of the finger.  

Mallet Finger

Mallet finger is an injury to the end of your finger that causes it to bend inwards towards your palm. You will not be able to straighten the end of your finger because the tendon connecting the muscle to the finger bone is stretched or torn.

Nail Bed Injuries

Nailbed injuries can occur from accidentally hammering your nail bed during construction work or even can happen at the nail salon. Nail bed injuries are common and you want to ensure that the nail bed stays intact and alive. At Veda Medical we will ensure the integrity of your nailbed remains intact as much as possible and give you the best course of treatment for your nailbed injury.

Trigger Finger

A trigger finger occurs when the tendon in the affected finger becomes inflamed. A condition in which a finger gets stuck in a bent position and then snaps straight.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common condition affecting the wrist and hand, affecting approximately 0.1-10% of the population. Typically the result of irritation and swelling, CTS causes compression within the narrow carpal tunnel, located at the wrist. When this is compressed, a major nerve becomes damaged, temporarily or permanently, usually causing numbness, pain, tingling, and weakness in the thumb, index, and middle fingers.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

DeQuervain’s Tendonitis is irritation and swelling of the tendons at the base of the thumb. It often causes pain along the thumb side of the wrist when clenching the hand into a fist and gripping or grasping objects. 

Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion Cysts are masses, or swellings, usually located near the joint, often occurring at the wrist joint. They resemble a cyst and may be either spongy or firm.  

Kienböcks Disease

Kienböck's disease is a condition where the blood supply to one of the small bones in the wrist, the lunate, is interrupted. If the blood supply is stooped for too long one or all parts of the bone can die. 

Scaphoid Fractures

Scaphoid fractures are among the most common types of carpal (wrist) bone fractures, involving the larger bone on the thumb side of the wrist. These typically occur as the result of a fall or other strong force placed on an outstretched hand.

Scaphoid Non-Union

This occurs when a wrist has been fractured and fails to heal. This can lead to limited wrist motion, arthritis, and pain. 

Wrist Sprain/Wrist Facture

Stretching or tearing of tissues (ligaments) connecting bones and joints in the wrist. A wrist fracture is when a patient has broken one of the small carpal bones in any wrist joint. 


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

This occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes inflamed, swollen, or irritated. 

Elbow Facture

If you experience an elbow fracture you are likely to feel sudden and sharp pain and be unable to move your elbow. Symptoms can also include swelling and tenderness around the elbow. An X-ray or MRI can help diagnose an elbow fracture. 

Olecranon Bursitis

This is a sac that can fill up with a lot of a little amount of fluid at the tip of the elbow. The filling of fluid can cause pain and discomfort, especially when moving the elbow. 

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a common overuse condition affecting the muscles and tendons of the forearm, where they attach at the outside (lateral) of the elbow. Golfer’s Elbow is also a common overuse condition but affects the muscles and tendons on the inside (medial) portion of the elbow and forearm. 



Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This can be known as the “wear and tear” disease or arthritis that occurs due to overuse of body movements or simply old age. The cartilage within the joint begins to break down causing the actual bone around it to change and causing issues such as pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis affects people with the skin condition psoriasis. Symptoms include; stiffness, swelling, joint pain, and inflammation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory type of arthritis. It is generally associated with a genetic predisposition rather than an injury or wear and tear of the joints. Affecting nearly 1.3 million Americans, RA is most commonly seen in women and results in the rapid degeneration of joints, then subsequent bone damage.

Other Conditions Treated


A burn is an injury to the skin or other organic tissue primarily caused by heat or due to radiation, radioactivity, electricity, friction, or contact with chemicals. The severity or degree of the burn is contingent on the thickness and how far it has spread on the body. A first-degree burn can be very minor and can happen from a severe sunburn. A third or fourth-degree burn can be an extremely major injury that would require immediate medical attention. Burns can be extremely painful and can cause a lot of scarring. This scarring can also lead to skin issues in the future. Our skilled practitioners are equipped to help with a burn injury and help reduce the likelihood of scarring and infection.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic arm or leg pain developing after injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack. The exact cause of complex regional pain syndrome isn’t well understood but may involve abnormal inflammation or nerve dysfunction. Complex regional pain is characterized by pain that is greater than would be expected from the injury that causes it. CRPS can often be overlooked by medical providers and can be hard to diagnose. At Veda Medical we always validate our patients and believe the symptoms they are experiencing are real and deserve attention and treatment.

Gout and Pseudogout

Both Gout and Psseuogout are a form of arthritis. This type of arthritis occurs when crystals form in the joints. These types of conditions can easily be treated through medication management.

Nerve Injuries

Never injuries can be extremely complex conditions to manage for the patient and can be difficult to diagnose. A nerve injury can occur after an accident or injury (such as a car accident), or long term wear and tear on the body. A nerve injury can also occur during a surgical procedure and can be a complication of whatever procedure was being performed. Nerves do have the ability to heal and it is imperative to diagnose nerve injuries quickly and therefore begin treatment as soon as possible.


Common warts are small, grainy skin growths that occur most often on your fingers or hands. Rough to the touch, common warts also often feature a pattern of tiny black dots, which are small, clotted blood vessels. Common warts are caused by a virus and are transmitted by touch. These are easily treated in the office.

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